Feine Sahne Fischfilet - United Worldwide! Vinyl 7"

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United Worldwide! Vinyl 7"

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V/A - United Worldwide! 7" Vinyl

Releasedate: 13.11.2015
Format: Vinyl 7" / Digital
Limited Press of 1000 pieces incl. Downloadcode and Inlay

A1. Los Fastidios - Oi! Around The World
A2. Moscow Death Brigade - One For The Ski Mask
B1. Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Applaus
B2. What We Feel - W.W.F.

"United Worldwide"

Feine Sahne Fischfilet from Rostock, Germany, Moscow Death Brigade and What We Feel from Moscow, Russia and Los Fastidios from Verona, Italy combined the efforts to release the split single "United Worldwide" on Audiolith Records with the support of KOB Records, Voice Of The Streets Records,True Rebel Store and Lonsdale.de.

Again and again the world hears news from Russia about Nationalists attacking minorities and Antifascists. At the same time authorities continue to intimidate, victimize and criminalize these groups. We feel that it is important to leave the state of shock behind and to show solidarity with the people who make a stand against this racist and nationalist terror. We believe that international solidarity is an important tool in showing the people in Russia that they are not alone. This is why we decided to make the "United Worldwide" split single together, which will feature known and new material from the four bands.

In agreement among the labels and the bands, we've decided to donate all proceeds from the sales to the families of murdered antifascists.
Specifically to the families of Konstantin Lunkin, Fedor Filatov and Ivan Khurtoskoi, who were murdered by Russian neo-Nazis, some of them in broad daylight.

We are especially pleased that the clothing brand "Lonsdale" from London, UK is joining us in showing practical solidarity.
We think it is great that the brand is presenting the release and therefore taking a clear stand against Neo-Nazis all over the world.

To this effect... our solidarity against their inhuman ideology. Our cohesion, our friendship against their hate. Druzhba!

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